The AFG Foundation will raise funds to address health and medical service assistance, nutritional needs, including the provision of food and access to clean water, housing, refugee resettlement aid. Also, general assistance to charities on the ground in Afghanistan in order to provide protection and assistance to Afghan children who are suffering.


The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has accelerated the country’s human rights crisis and humanitarian catastrophe. Roughly half of Afghanistan's population — more than 18 million people — requires immediate humanitarian aid, including nearly 10 million children. The situation for children in Afghanistan is very dire. As COVID-19, conflict, and drought combined to create a food catastrophe of a magnitude never seen before, Afghanistan was beset by hunger and poverty.

Our charity aims to give Afghan children hope for a better future and to contribute to the country's long-term peace and security.


The AFG Foundation formation is due to a caring board of directors and a dedicated team of employees. These fundamental values guide our work as a team: